Saturday, October 31, 2009


Got myself involved a couple of months back in Hwachong JC (or HCI now) event. Thought after conceptualising and organising KR Alumni Sports Day (and amazingly not being to able to attend for the past 4 years, but that's another story), I could offer some help in this budding event and considering that the scale of the event is much much bigger than KR Alumni Sports day, I was hoping I can take something out of it too.

Oh man, did I learn more than what I thought I would.

Past vs Present (PvsP) is only in its second year following a very successful first year. I did not have the priviledge to join the team from the on set as I have previously committed to training the handball youth team.

Anyway, I opted to do publicity, something which I had never done before (ziying please don't kill me now. ha. ) and I had just picked up photoshop and wanted to put my skills to test. To stretch myself and of course to learn new things. Besides, I figured, in case I can't join the team for meetings and stuff, due to work, I can still work at home doing up the artwork.

After I realised I will be away longer than I would like to, I quickly rop in Weiliang, my brother of almost 13years now, to help with the stuff while I am away. What a great move it turned out to be! That bugger ended up designing the event t-shirt. Ha. Solid job. And we still make a good tag-team after so long.

#1: what we did for KR was like a small cousin of PvsP. But then again, the resources available is very different. even though they are similar events, but as you scale things up, the dynamism and things to consider is very different. It is not a linear expansion but a exponential one. and because of the scale of the event, KR seemed more family and personal as compared to PvsP which can stretch over a few generations. So i guess each to its own merits? Maybe (and hopefully) KR alumni sports day will one day grow to that of PvsP.

#2: The leadership in the committee shown was amazing. Especially ziying and gloria. I personally thought it wasn't easy to lead a group, negotiate with the school, the alumni office and main sponsors, and on top of that manage the committee which consisted of people older, in a very well balanced way. "Fearless Leadership" was what I wrote in my little notebook the first time I met up with the team. Incredible. I am not sure if I could have pulled off the whole thing at my age. Well done girls.

And ziying did exercise trust quite wonderfully. Trusted our (professional) decisions and last minute suggestions for the change of shirt colour and sizes. "Delegate tasks to people. And trust them to do their job."

#3: The decision to down-size the t-shirts ordering was done with good faith. But on hindsight, we could had maintained the sizes. What is worse? To end up with sizes that are too small or sizes that are too big? Well, the former happened during the event and many ended up without the correct sizes (and not very happy.)

#4: The canvassing team was the bomb too! How do you secure that kind of things in such a short time?!?!? And the pitch and organisation was top class.

#5: It is a pity that I could not get to know the full team but I had the chance to really see some of the team at work. Freddie, both kailings, davin, rachel and wang hao and some which I do not know their names (*sorry!) and of course the chairwomen were really into it. You can see it in their eyes and their actions. I have to admit the energy did rub off. "Take full ownership!" was what went into my notebook.

And of course there were things here and there that I picked up but the 5 above were essentially the main stuff.

And yah. It was a nice little dinner gathering that we just had. :)

Thank you Team. It had been great. Three cheers to us!

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